The initial password to the new web site may not be the same as your existing account.  Please contact us at or call us at (208) 888-0040 to get your password.  

        In order to log into your account, you will have to enter your account  number and password into the login dialog.  Your account number can be found on your last bill.  If you want your computer to 'remember' your customer and ID, check the 'Save Password' item on the login form.  When you do this, you will not have to enter your account number or password when you come back to this page in the future.

    Each available file will be shown on the 'Main' screen in the 'My Account' area on this Web site. Click the file you wish to download. Depending on your particular browser, the file you select will either be saved on your computer with the original file name or you will be prompted to enter a location to save the file.

    You may need to initially tell your browser how to handle your data files. If your browser is capable of running "helper" applications and allows saving of files, then you will be able to specify how to accomplish this and where to place the file.

    Under the Preferences section of your browser, select "helper applications". Add a new "type" of "text" with the "sub type" of "plain". Specify the file type or extension as "dta" and the action to take as "save to disk". Once this information is entered into your browser, your data files will be saved directly to disk automatically as you select them from the resource list.