The dairy industry has changed a great deal since we began testing milk back in 1980.  Bigger herds and more technology have taken over the dairy landscape and weve kept up stride for stride.   When we started testing we averaged 15,000 samples a month.   Now our monthly total is over 170,000 samples.  Samples are tested for Butterfat, True Protein and Somatic Cell Count.   We offer timely and accurate results via e-mail, our website or by mail. 

      And this year, were proud to introduce a new way to save you time and money.  Its High Desert Dairy Lab, a full service feed and forage testing facility right in the heart of the Treasure Valley.  That means no more shipping samples all the way across the country and no more long waits for results.  Results can be sent by fax or email and all samples are run within 48 hours of receipt.